There are many travel groups and communities out there on Facebook. We wanted to create a more exclusive and a more private one. We create a trustful community where every member is checked and approved manually by admins of - for free.

If you would like to become a member of this highly exclusive work and travel Australia group simply request to join the official facebook group. Your profile needs to be public so that we can have a brief check if you are a real person. If you prefer to keep your profile private please send our official Facebook page a short message explaining why you would like to join our community.


-> Exclusive group

-> Free of sexism and sexual harassment

-> Free of scam and fake members

-> Sharing of exclusive job offers

-> Sharing of top-secret coordinates

-> Sharing of the best overnight places

-> Building a truly trustful community

-> Get access to exclusive content of first

Please help to let our community stay a trustful community: If you become aware of any sexism, sexual harassment or of scam please report every post immediately to the admins and we will ban this member immediately out of this group. Tell your friends about our exclusive community:


The best travel communities about Australia

If you are going to travel to Australia you might not only want some cheap flights to Australia but also to join a few very helpful communities. We are active members in multiple Australia groups and we can recommend you the following groups and meetups. It's a very good way to meet new people, find a lift (aka ride-share), hostel recommendations, and advice from community members to almost every topic. 

Australia (General)

ATC - Australia Travel Community

The Australia Travel Community (ATC) is a brand new travel community established in September 2016 by In contrast to most other groups and communities, this group is focussing on an exclusive community which respects every member. It does not tolerate any kind of harassment, spam or scam. Every single member is checked before getting accepted. This community gives you exclusive insights with top secret travel GPS coordinates and much more. 

Australia Backpackers

The Facebook Group "Australia Backpackers" is with nearly 46,000 members one of the biggest Facebook groups around the topics backpacking, travelling, and working in Australia. Thanks to the huge community you can find with the search functionality an answer to nearly all of your questions. It is also a great place to buy or sell a car, van or a 4WD (four-wheel-drive). Thanks to the buy and sell functionality of Facebook groups this group became a real marketplace for used cars, backpacks, and everything else. It's a must join!

Backpacker Australien (German)

Backpacker Australien is the largest German language Facebook group for travelling, working, and backpacking in Australia. Most of the group content is posted in German language but still you are able to find some posts in English. If you really try to improve your English and if you'd like to join travellers from around the globe you should maybe avoid this group. Still it is very helpful community and a must join for everyone who speaks German.