Find Cheap Flights To Australia

The Stopover Principle

Step 1: Choose the cheapest flight search engine

To find cheap flights to Australia it is absolutely necessary to use a flight search engine which is able to find the cheapest flights. There are hundreds of flight search engines out there. We at believe that the following flight-search engines are the best and we highly recommend using one of them:

Step 2: Select a preferred Stop-Over

Of course, with some luck and the right timing you will find cheap flights as a direct connection without any stop-over at all. But adding a stop-over to your flight route to Australia can make your trip more exciting and cheaper at the same time. It is not important if you would like to stay for one day in Dubai, a week in Bangkok or a month in Asia.  Oftentimes you can visit Bangkok or Kuala-Lumpur for a few days while still having a cheaper flight fare than if you would book the whole flight in a single booking. Why not discover countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India or maybe Japan and South-Korea while still saving money on your flight? 

From our experience, it is most likely to find cheap flights to Australia with stopovers in Thailand or Malaysia. Bangkok and Kuala-Lumpur have both one or more huge international airports from where international airlines depart multiple times a day to Australia. 

We will use our own experience and we will use Kuala-Lumpur (KUL) or Bangkok (BKK) as a stopover for our flight to Australia. Feel free to use other cities, countries, and airports to possibly find even cheaper fares.


Before searching for flights it might be helpful to clear your cache first and delete your cookies. Your cache and cookies will tell the airlines and flight search engines your recent visits to their homepage and they have the possibility to raise prices depending on your browsing behavior. If they detect that you looked for flights to Australia more than a few times in the past, the algorithm could possibly assume that you want to book a flight to Australia for certain and rise therefore price for you. You can also simply open an incognito window in your Chrome or Firefox web browser or delete the cache and your cookies in your browser settings.

Step 3: Search at random dates for Flights

Now as we decided to look for flights to Bangkok and Kuala-Lumpur we randomly start looking for flights on random dates (of course those dates should be in the time frame you intend to travel). You can use this approach to book both: one-way and return flights.

Example 1: Return Flight from Amsterdam to Australia 

Let's say we would like to fly in November 2016 (around 2 months from writing this) for around 60 days to Australia. We start searching on random dates for flights from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur (KUL) and Bangkok (BKK). highly recommends using one of the following flight search engines as they were able to find the cheapest flights in our test:

In this example, we will use feel free to use the search form below to try this method on your dates on your own!

On flight routes from Europe to Kuala-Lumpur and Bangkok, every return-flight below 500€ can be considered as cheap

In our very first try, we already found cheap flights from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur for only 481€!


Now let's have a look at flights from Amsterdam to Bangkok in the same period of time.


At exact the same date, we are able to find flights from Amsterdam to Bangkok for 526€. We better try for other random dates until we find offers below 500€.

After two additional tries, we are able to find a very good flight with Qatar airways from Amsterdam to Bangkok and back for only 483€!


Let's keep in mind that the return flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok or Kuala-Lumpur costs us approximately around 485€! Now we can continue with the next step.

Example 2: One-Way flight from Düsseldorf to Australia

Now we use the same technique as above but we simply look for a one-way flight instead of a return flight. Please keep in mind that single one-way flights are usually more expensive than return flights! Sometimes it might even be cheaper to book a return flight even when travelling only one-way! 

We start searching for random dates in a given time frame for flights from Düsseldorf (DUS) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Bangkok (BKK). Practice this technique yourself and use the flight search form below to check your dates for a cheap flight fare!


In our first try, we are already able to find a very cheap flight from Düsseldorf to Kuala-Lumpur for only 263€! For our own guaranty, we check a few other dates to be sure that this is really the cheapest flight. After checking a few other dates we realize that the flight for 263€ is indeed the cheapest option.


Now let's have a short look on flights from Düsseldorf to Bangkok as they might be cheaper or we might prefer Bangkok over Kuala-Lumpur. Again we check several dates and we try to find the cheapest flight to Bangkok. After checking more than 6 dates we are able to find a one-way flight 279€ on November the 17th.


Let's keep in mind that flights from Düsseldorf to Kuala-Lumpur and Bangkok cost us around 260€- 280€. In our example we choose the 263€ flight from Düsseldorf to Kuala Lumpur.

Step 4: Decide the duration of your stopover

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Step 5: Search for cheap flights to Australia

In our example, we want to stay in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur for only 3-7 days. But keep in mind: this also works if you don't plan an overnight stay or if you plan to travel Thailand for 4 or 8 weeks!

In our first return-flight example, we will plan a stay in Bangkok. In our second example, we will plan a stay in Kuala-Lumpur. Therefore we need to look for a return flight around 3 to 7 days after we arrived in KL or BK.

Example 1: Return Flight from Amsterdam to Australia 

In our example, we arrive in Bangkok on November 11 and our return flight to Amsterdam departs on January 18th. So we look for flights from Bangkok to Australia from November 14th till 18th and returning on January 16th till 18th. We will look for flights from Bangkok to Perth and Sydney but feel free to search for other Australian cities by using the flight search form below.

ATTENTION: Always have an exact look onto your flight dates and times and plan enough time (at least 3 hours) to switch planes in Bangkok or Kuala-Lumpur!


After checking various dates we recognize that the price stays at 294€ for a return flight from Bangkok to Sydney and back. 

ATTENTION: Low-Cost carriers usually charge for baggage. Now we need to check the baggage prices! 

After checking the booking page we recognize that 20kg of baggage costs around $108 which are around 97€. 


Total Flight Price from Amsterdam to Sydney with a stopover in Bangkok

If we add up all flight related prices we end up with a total flight price of: 

483€ + 297€ + 97€ = 877€

877€ is a pretty cheap air fare for flights from Amsterdam to Sydney and back. If you are lucky you will find the same prices with other airlines without a overnight stopover. But let's have a look at the same dates as our flight. As we see the cheapest flight without the stopover principle is 947€ so we still save 70€ while still exploring Thailand or Malaysia. 

Example 2: One-Way flight from Düsseldorf to Australia

In our example, we arrive in Kuala-Lumpur on November 13th and we are planning to stay 3-7 days in Kuala-Lumpur. We are thus looking for flights from Kuala-Lumpur to Perth and Sydney from November 16th till 20th. As the flight fare is for all dates 133€ we still need to check for additional baggage fees. The baggage fees for this route are $28 or 25€. 

If we add all costs up we end up with a one-way flight from Düsseldorf to Sydney with a stopover in Kuala-Lumpur for only 263€ + 133€ + 25€ = 421€. 

Usually one-way flights on this route cost around 600€ so we save around 200€ by using the Stopover Principle.

Step 6: Decide, Double-check and Book!

In the end it is up to you if you prefer a single booking or if you prefer saving a few hundred Euros by applying the Stopover Principle. If you are the typical backpacker who wants to discover the world it is probably worth it to apply the Stopover Principle save 150-400€ with it and use this money for accommodation and food in Thailand or Malaysia. If you prefer a stress-free flight and if you have sufficient money in your bank account it might be better for you to pay those additional 400€ and to fly with Emirates or Qantas instead. 

If you decide to book the flights you found with the Stopover Principle please make sure to double check every flight - especially if you have a connection flight in Kuala-Lumpur or Bangkok at the same day! Make sure that you have sufficient time to get your luggage and check it in again! 

Step 7: Share this with your friends!

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