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You just decided that you want to travel to Australia soon? Great! will teach you how you can find real bargain flights to Australia while crossing a few more countries out of your bucket list. Learn now how to find cheap flights to Australia yourself!

Search for Cheap Flights to Australia

Use our flight search engine in cooperation with Jetradar to search for cheap flight to Australia. tips: If you want to save more money try to use all departure airports you can reach within a few hours by train or car without any problems!

List of International Airports in Australia

Australia has seven major international airports and several smaller airports which are also operating international flights. Usually you will find cheap flights to Australia by arriving at one of the seven major airports.

Australia's Seven Major International Airports

  • Adelaide (ADL)
  • Brisbane (BNE)
  • Cairns (CNS)
  • Darwin (DWN)
  • Melbourne (MEL)
  • Perth (PER)
  • Sydney (SYD)

Smaller International Airports

Sometimes it might be cheaper to arrive at a smaller airport like Canberra (CBR), Gold Coast (OOL), Newcastle (NTL), or Rockhampton (ROK). Especially Gold Coast is often a cheap alternative to Brisbane and Sydney as it is a popular destination of AirAsia X.

Find a full list of Australia's international airports here.


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Essential Link Collection

We prepared a list with all essential links for your upcoming travel in Australia. From booking flights and hotels to applying for a tax file number. All you want to know!

The Best Facebook Communities

It might be very helpful to be part of a big community. Have a look at some of the following very helpful Facebook Groups and Communities.

There are hundreds of Facebook Groups with the aim of helping travellers in Australia. In those groups you can buy or sell a car, find many answered questions about where to open a bank account, find travel mates, a lift (a lift is basically ride-sharing), or a party for tonight. One of the biggest (or probably THE biggest) group for backpackers and travellers is "Australia Backpackers" with currently more than 45,000 members. If you are from Germany you might also be interested in the group "Backpacker Australien" with more than 33,000 members.

Travel Guides

Don't miss some of the sexiest places just because you don't have a travel guide with you. Learn from those who've travelled everything in detail before!

Travel guides may be a very helpful tool while being on Australia's roads. Some travellers are strictly against travel guides while others see their Lonely Planet as their bible. Nevertheless a travel guide is a great opportunity to learn from travellers who have already travelled a specific region in every detail. Find some of the best travel guides here.

Hotels & Hostels

Hotels and Hostels - there is probably no way around them when travelling.

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